The Best Places to Install Solar Lights in Outdoor Spaces

Before deciding which landscape lights to buy, figure out which parts of your property you want to light up.From illuminating roads to highlighting water features to providing nuanced lighting for driveways, in many places, a little bit of lighting can make a huge difference in the safety of a home and the attractiveness of the roadside at night.
While lighting a path or walkway is one of the most popular ways to add landscape lighting, unless you plan to land a plane in your front yard, avoid the temptation to evenly distribute lights on both sides of the walkway.Instead, create a more interesting look by staggering the spacing between lights so that they illuminate different parts of the walk and blend into shrubs and flowers for a more natural look.

solar porch light
If you’ve ever seen a movie that ends with the main character riding into the sunset, you probably appreciate the aesthetic power of silhouettes.To create this striking look, place spotlights between landscape features, such as ornamental trees and the light-colored exterior of your home.The dark silhouette of the backlit tree will stand out against the light backdrop of the house.
Since you need to cram lights between structures and landscaping features, you need a solar light kit that works well in this setup.This set of Aponu Spotlights (available on Amazon) allows you to place the solar cells where they receive full sunlight.
Shadows can add drama and interest to your home while also accentuating precious landscape elements.Place spotlights in front of interesting ornamental landscape features, such as Japanese maples or tall grass, to cast interesting shadows on the front of your home.To create larger shadows and a more dramatic effect, the light needs to be near the bottom of the feature and aimed upwards at a steep angle.
Install downlights above the garage door to create a large pool of light in the driveway.This type of lighting effect can be created using lights such as these mountable spotlights (available on Amazon).The result is a subtle look that is subtler and less harsh than standard floodlights, while also providing functional lighting for nighttime visibility and safety around the garage.
Add a full moon effect to your home landscape even on cloudy nights by installing spotlights above your home.Mount lights on the trunks of medium to large trees and direct them downward.The lights will cast a glow on the lawn and sidewalk below, creating a moonlight effect.For added interest, hang the lights so that they shine through branches and other foliage, creating interesting shadows on the ground below.
Low-angle shots in the cinematic world make characters feel more spectacular, or structures look grander.You can do the latter by adding a spotlight at the bottom of its facade and directing it upwards.For best results to create a sense of grandeur, place spotlights on the façade close to the wall at a steep upward angle to create a large pool of light on the wide surface of the façade.
Accent lighting is a great way to highlight statues, sculptures or other patio decorations.Set a spotlight a few feet in front of the object to illuminate it at night.For taller sections, place a light near the base and shine it with top light for a dramatic look.

solar porch light
Street lights aren’t just for illuminating walks.They are also ideal for brightening flower beds.Look for street lights that are taller than the plants in the bed, such as this set (available on Amazon).They should cast light downwards, creating soft pools of light that bring the flowers to life at night.
Turn a pond or fountain into a dazzling nighttime oasis by installing small spotlights to illuminate the flowing water.By adding submersible solar lights, such as this set (available on Amazon), you can add lighting to a water feature without worrying about the danger of high-voltage power lines near the water.
Extend patio and deck lighting beyond standard porch lights by mounting solar lights to the trunks of nearby trees.Downlighting lights will add subtle mood lighting to an evening party on deck.To ensure the party can last long into the night, the solar cells that power the lights need to be placed to receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the day.
In addition to being an integral part of improving your home’s nighttime curb appeal, outdoor lighting also helps keep your property safe for family members and visitors at night.With this in mind, make the steps leading to the front door safer by installing lights on the risers of each staircase.Riser lights, such as this set of six (available on Amazon), produce a soft glow that illuminates each tread, making it safer to walk through them at night.
Install string lights, like this solar-powered unit (available on Amazon), to add a café-style vibe to your deck or patio.While available in a variety of shapes, string lights with Edison bulbs add a retro look.Run them through the rafters of the pergola or from tree to tree, and place the solar cells in a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
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Post time: Mar-20-2022