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If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, balcony, or any type of backyard space, some nice outdoor lights will keep you in fresh air both day and night.The thing is, you can’t just set up a cool desk lamp and get it done.Besides aesthetics, functionality must be the top priority.There’s no point in picking something that isn’t durable or anything that tends to weather through use.You need lighting solutions that last and that can illuminate an area in ways you’ve never imagined before – whether it’s a sophisticated deck light or a sophisticated chandelier that works in any space.In the future, you’ll find top-notch design skills (and most importantly, watch your power) from hospitality entrepreneurs who have completely reimagined outdoor venues at their respective properties.

decorative solar garden lights
When it comes to outdoor lights, less is more.Since nature is why you go out, choose lighting, such as some simple LED strings, that accentuate the scenery rather than dominate your surroundings.”My basic lighting strategy is pretty simple: Get out of the way,” Ram’s Head Inn owner Aandrea Carter told AD.”More nature provides us with stunning views and naturally sloping sites, so our simple goal in choosing lighting is not to have light, but to have no darkness.”
Amazon is full of incredibly versatile landscape lighting options—like these best-selling string lights, with over 6,000 five-star reviews and seven different colors.
If you’re looking for something unobtrusive, these path lights will keep a low profile during the day, but shine after sunset.
If hazy-looking bulbs aren’t your thing, opt for these similar-looking ball lights that give off a warm glow.
Made from hand-blown glass and weather-resistant, these durable solar lights from West Elm are sure to give your space an artisanal feel.
Take inspiration from nature and pair it with outdoor light fixtures such as the Flora All Weather Wicker Outdoor Pendant.That’s what Jayma Cardoso, founder and creative director of The Surf Lodge, did with her outdoor lighting installations.”Our deck has rows of balanced wicker baskets suspended from wooden beams,” she said.”They look completely natural and complement the environment. They just fit and add to what makes our space special.”
No sockets, no problem: These charming lanterns use rechargeable batteries and solar panel technology to diffuse light.
This perfectly rounded silhouette from Allsop is another great non-plug-in option (available in seven colors).
Using wicker for the outdoors isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but we think this modern installation should complement any natural setting.
From motion-sensing security lights to bold styling at the entrance, enjoy it and explore it all.”We’ve actually done a lot of experimentation on Amazon,” said Dale Fox, founder and CEO of Dive Palm Springs.”Lighting is evolving rapidly as state-of-the-art technology changes quarterly.”
This motion-activated unit features a smart dim light sensor to let you easily get in and out of the house at night, or provide extra brightness when hosting a party.
Tree lights aren’t just for the holidays!Throw some candles (we recommend Amazon’s flameless option) into these gorgeous lanterns to light up the branches of your favorite tree.
Portable outdoor lights, like this stylish collaboration from West Elm and Good Thing, are also handy.This rechargeable design can be taken anywhere you need it without the hassle of fiddly wiring.
Help set the mood with this wall light from Philips.It’s easily controlled using the Hue app, where you can program color changes and even enable voice commands.
Want to create a sophisticated atmosphere?These modern looking lanterns and some flameless candles should do the trick.

solar porch light
We can’t stress it enough: make sure the lights you buy are designed for outdoor use.Even if you have a covered patio or shady balcony, storms can still hit them, so invest in something that can handle heavy precipitation.”The function of outdoor lighting is part of the style,” Jayma emphasizes.”It had to be durable and built to withstand the elements of everyday weather. When you see an outdoor light installation in a storm, you immediately realize the importance of style and function as a whole.”
This textured wall light is a durable and affordable option that doubles as a stylish wall decoration.
Surrounding your outdoor living space with these uniform fence lights is one way to ensure there is plenty of light.Plus, their sturdy stainless steel design can withstand even the harshest storms.
This is a pair of stylish outdoor wall lamps made of rust-resistant aluminum with energy-saving automatic sensors that detect the brightness of the surrounding environment.
Don’t settle for the bulbs built into your appliances – swap them out for energy-efficient Dimmable Edison LED bulbs, which are known to cut your energy bills by 90%.”The key is to replace the bulb that came with the harness,” Dale said.”The Filament Edison LED lamp is a huge step forward in elegance, cost and quality. Operating costs are a fraction of traditional incandescent lamps.”
You can also match the summer heat with warm matte lights that won’t overwhelm the space.There’s nothing worse than harsh exterior lighting that’s too intense, so stick with toasty and enticing lights.”Color is everything,” Dale points out.”We’ve never been cooler than 2,700k lighting, but the best is lighting around 2,100k. It’s really the equivalent of candlelight. It’s warm, intimate, romantic, and really a scene.”
These dimmable bulbs feature energy efficient LED filaments, ideal for replacing 40W incandescent bulbs and saving over 90% energy.
These decorative bulbs are another dimmable design that allows you to capture the mood and atmosphere of the function.
“Obviously, lighting is a key component of any outdoor space,” Jayma said.However, lighting should not be the sole purpose of outdoor lighting fixtures.Take your designs a step further by considering a versatile ceiling fan that keeps you and your guests cool at the same time.
Perfect for any season, this aerodynamic design features controlled airflow and built-in lights for extra brightness.

Post time: Apr-26-2022