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The Solar Garden Light is an attractive option for consumers looking to add a traditional style landscape light to a path or garden.

solar garden lights

The Solar Garden Light is an attractive option for consumers looking to add a traditional style landscape light to a path or garden.
Colors: Silver, Black Lights Included: 6 or 8 Rated Brightness: 15 Lumens Estimated Battery Life: 8 Hours Weather Rating: IP65 Dimensions: 12 x 3.5 inches
The Solar Garden Light is a great choice for consumers looking to add some aesthetic lighting to their garden.These solar street lights come in an elegant stainless steel finish, but are also available in black plastic, and they turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn.Each emits a warm white light strong enough to accentuate a path.However, the lights we tested couldn’t stand the rain.So while they do come with a lifetime warranty, they may be better suited to consumers in dry climates.
Simply put, the Solar Landscape Lights are beautiful.They feature a traditional garden landscape globe design with a stainless steel finish.The lights turn on and off reliably, but if you’re traveling, you can’t turn them off permanently.Most come in packs of six, though you can get the black plastic design in packs of eight, which makes them about $8 per light.As such, these are affordable options for consumers looking to light up their garden or trail.
The Solar Garden Light can be purchased from Amazon in stainless steel and black plastic.A six-pack of stainless steel is $49.99, while black plastic is $36.99.The black plastic design is also available in packs of 8 for $39.99.
When you picture your ideal garden light, whether you know it or not, you’re probably imagining the solar landscape light.With clean lines and a warm glow, these elegantly designed solar street lights are available in black plastic or stainless steel.For the latter design, it is ABS heavy duty plastic coated with stainless steel.The shape looks very traditional and will blend in with most gardens.The small size (12 x 3.5 inches) means they don’t stand out too much either.

solar garden lights

Unlike many other solar lights on the market, they don’t have an on/off button.Instead, they are designed to open and close continuously at dusk and dawn.The lack of this button makes it very easy to set up and use.However, if you’re a frequent traveler, this will mean they’re unnecessarily powered on.
Solar panels can be found on top of each light, which means you don’t need to worry about hauling cables to separate panels.
One caveat – these lights come with a lot of plastic packaging.The boxes of Solar Garden Lights are wrapped in plastic, as is each lamp, solar panel and stake.For a product that should be somewhat eco-friendly, the packaging is a failure.That said, once you’ve gone through all the packaging, light installation is relatively straightforward.
First, make sure to remove the piece of paper from each battery assembly by unscrewing the plastic ball, pulling out the paper, and then screwing the ball back into place.From there, insert the metal rod into the light, then attach the plastic stake to the end.The ground was very wet when I installed them, but one of the plastic stakes still broke when inserted.It’s best to spray some water first, then loosen the soil and really wet the ground.You can vary the height of each light by making some lights darker than others.
There is no on or off button.When fully charged, the lights automatically turn on at dusk, and they appear to be done in less than a day after installation.
Solar Garden Lights emit lovely, warm, bright light.They light up reliably at dusk and last about eight hours on average.On a sunny day, the lights are fully charged and stay illuminated for about 10 hours.And even on cloudy and rainy days, unlike many other solar lights on the market, the lights are still on, but only for about four to five hours.
Some online reviewers noticed a slightly different hue from the bulbs, but that wasn’t an issue we saw during testing.This light won’t brighten your yard, but will provide a great path light or mood lighting.
Despite being made of stainless steel and heavy-duty ABS plastic, these lights felt flimsy and couldn’t withstand multiple durability tests.Their biggest problem is rain.While they are waterproof and work well in the rain, the globes leak and fill with water.There’s a small hole in the bottom of the earth, which I guess is to allow them to drain, but after a rainy day, after placing them upright in the shower, I still find they have a lot of water in them.That said, water doesn’t seem to affect their lighting performance at all.
One of the bulbs arrived broken, and despite multiple attempts to contact customer service (they have a lifetime warranty), we never heard back from anyone.Another light bulb broke when placing them in the ground, and another broke after four hours in the refrigerator – so this product may not be suitable for cold climates.This makes it a very fragile design.
However, even after all this damage, we didn’t notice any issues with the lights coming on.Some online reviewers mentioned that the batteries don’t last that long, but if you have to replace them, they’re easy to replace.
The Solar Landscape Light is a great choice for consumers looking for an affordable traditional design to illuminate a garden or pathway.These solar street lights are reliable and effective.That said, they may be better suited for consumers in dry climates, as they don’t perform as well as expected when it rains, but they do come with a lifetime warranty.
Compared to the Ring Solar Pathlight, the Solar Landscape Lights are not as advanced or durable, but are more affordable at $8 per light instead of $35.
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Post time: Jan-20-2022