Gardening: Enjoy Your Garden After Dark With Landscape Lighting

       At sunset, you can enjoy your garden and landscape with beautifully placed landscape lighting.Choose the best type of light that complements your garden design and best achieves the intended purpose.
       Solar lighting eliminates the need for outdoor receptacles, extension cords, or buried low-voltage wiring.The solar panels charge on sunny days and can be mounted on lights or on long cords, allowing you to place the solar panels where they get the most sunlight.Some lights turn on automatically at dusk, others have manual switches, and still others have remote switch controls.

small solar lights
       Voting candles and pillar candles are longtime favorites.Place them in containers on the table or line them in an aisle.Unfortunately, the wax does drip, there is a fire hazard, and the flames can blow out in strong winds.
       Consider switching to battery-operated candles.These look and flicker like the real thing, eliminating some of the problems and dangers of candles.Look for those with remotes or timers to lighten your space with ease.
       Use these battery-powered candles in decorative lampholders like Dahlia Blossom Punched Metal Lanterns ( the day, you will admire the copper lanterns as garden art, and the intricate light patterns they cast at night.
       Grow your favorite flowers, tropical and edible plants in solar-lit pots.The glowing solar planters are frosted white during the day and can be programmed to display a color or set to a color changing mode.These pots have a 10-foot cord that allows you to place the pot where the plant will thrive and connect it to a nearby solar panel in a sunny spot.
       Solar powered torch lights feature flashing lights that create a realistic look when illuminating passageways or seating areas.Use one to highlight a special spot in your garden, or use several to illuminate passages, patios, or larger spaces when entertaining.
       Prevent trips and falls, while also promoting safe access to your favorite outdoor spaces with illuminated steps and paths.Look for solar lights that can be mounted on steps, floors, decks, walls or other flat surfaces, such as the Maxsa Solar Ninja Stars.Integrated solar panel with rechargeable battery.
       Add overhead light to your patio, deck, or balcony with string lights.They come in a variety of styles to brighten a larger space or accentuate your favorite tree.A colorful string of water drop lights will add a festive touch to any space.Beysolar Solar String Lights feature Edison bulbs that provide a steady or slight flicker pattern for six to eight hours.

best solar path lights
       Add some fun, personality or interest with special lights.Outdoor lights like Beysolar™ Solar Stake Lights feature flexible branches covered with 120 LED bulbs.Twist and bend branches to achieve the look you want.Then wait for the lights to automatically turn on at dusk.
       Add some landscape lighting to help you enjoy quiet moments or holiday gatherings in the garden after dark.Choose the best lighting options that are easy to use, complement your designs and provide the lighting you need in your landscape.
       Melinda Myers is the author of more than 20 gardening books, including Small Space Gardening and Midwest Gardener’s Handbook, 2nd Edition.She hosts the great course “How to Grow Anything” DVD series and Melinda’s Garden Moments TV and radio show.Myers is a columnist and contributing editor for Birds & Blooms magazine and was commissioned to write this article by Gardener’s Supply.Her website is
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Post time: May-23-2022