Clodesun’s solar street light project expands market coverage

       Clodesun, a China-based solar street lighting company, is revolutionizing the industry with its custom solutions.In the past two years, the company has further launched customized LED solar lighting solutions in more than 20 countries around the world.This sustainable development is based on Clodesun’s history in the global solar lighting market and more than 500 projects actively involved since 2013.
       To meet the growing global demand for clean energy, Clodesun goes the extra mile to provide innovative and cost-effective street lighting products, including:
       In 2020, Clodesun developed an all-in-one solar street light with German design.This patent-protected lighting product has been recognized in the global market since its commercial debut.Known for its unique design and light weight, this lighting solution has made its way into countries such as Liberia, Thailand, Nigeria and Malaysia.

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       According to Clodesun, each product is designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and bring the benefits of solar lighting closer to the end user, whether they are governments, institutions, companies or residents.A spokesperson for the lighting manufacturer said: “We remain committed to fostering sustainable communities around the world through our solar LED lighting solutions.
       ”Our experienced R&D team and strong in-house manufacturing capabilities ensure our products are of the highest quality, backed by quality assurance and excellent customer service.” Clodesun products are RoHS, TUVIP66, CE and IES compliant.The company’s burn-in test workshop inspects, tests and approves every component produced in the company’s state-of-the-art production workshop to ensure high quality control standards.
       The fabrication team monitors all phases of each project, from design to installation.To guarantee its engineering excellence, the company provides customers with a five-year warranty and service contract for its products.Clodesun’s solar street lighting solutions include the following components:
       Clodesun’s global market has expanded to other countries such as South Africa, Indonesia, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Dubai, Mexico, Oman, Tanzania, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and the United States.The eco-friendly lighting manufacturer produces more than 10,000 units per month, assuring customers that it can meet any order, regardless of size, complexity and budget.
       The successful implementation of off-grid solar lighting projects in these countries has encouraged Clodesun to further expand its production capacity and distribution network.This year alone, Clodesun has delivered and installed 100 sets of 64w and 119 sets of 120w one-piece palm tree street lights in Vietnam and Mexico respectively.Tanzania and Oman are other places not left out.

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       In conclusion, a spokesperson for Clodesun said: “Our goal is to be recognized as the preferred manufacturer and supplier of sustainable solar lighting solutions. There is no doubt that we are committed to improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and improving the lives of our customers. level. Our comprehensive solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction are what differentiates us from our competitors.”
       Clodesun is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer and distributor of solar lighting systems.Founded in 2013, this high-tech enterprise manufactures and distributes solar-powered LED lighting solutions to meet the needs of the renewable energy industry.With an in-house team of R&D engineers and a state-of-the-art production workshop, Clodesun effectively caters to various markets around the world, including South Africa, Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

Post time: Jun-06-2022